Zodiac Tattoo Designs – Simple Or Complex

Ideas for Zodiac Tattoo Designs

While walking up to a stranger and asking them “What’s your sign?” may be totally passé, having one’s sign tattooed on one’s body most certainly is not. Zodiac tattoo designs remain very popular likely owing to the fact that there are myriad incarnations of these designs and that most individuals can find one that matches their own birth sign that is to their liking. The art used to represent the various zodiac signs is diverse enough that most people will be able to find a version that is to their liking in regard to aesthetics and the size of the art.

The traditional zodiac symbols are very simple. They consist of the symbolic representation of the sign, usually what amounts to a calligraphic-looking piece of graphic art that has no meaning other than to represent a specific birth sign. Many of these symbols represent standard letters such as the Scorpio symbol which is similar to an “M” and the Pieces symbol which is similar to an “H”. Where small tattoos are concerned, these are usually the preferred zodiac symbols. They look excellent on a back shoulder or on any other place which is discreet. preethi zodiac mg 218

For larger designs, some individuals choose to use the constellation shapes. This is a rather “in-crowd” way to get a zodiac symbol tattoo. The constellation patterns are not always obvious, however, and some individuals end up getting the constellation superimposed on the zodiac artwork. This makes it more apparent what the tattoo is actually representing though those individuals who enjoy showing off their knowledge of the zodiac may well enjoy having the constellations only tattooed on their bodies. All of the signs of the zodiac have a corresponding constellation and these represent one of the more esoteric ways of representing one’s birth sign on one’s body.

For those who truly want an ornate zodiac tattoo design on their body, consideration should be given to having the entire scene associated with the sign represented on their skin. Aquarius bearing the water, the Gemini twins or Leo the Lion are all examples of this. These types of zodiac tattoos are popular for many reasons. In and of themselves, they are classic works of art that look good on just about anyone. For those who follow astrology, they represent a particularly refined way to represent one’s sign on one’s body. This artwork lends itself well to sizes ranging from small tattoos to large back pieces.

Zodiac tattoo designs can also be made very abstract. For example, one could easily get a tribal version of the Pieces fish or of the scales of Virgo. Exercising this sort of flexibility and creativity in one’s design is usually not detrimental toward making the symbol recognizable. Astrology’s symbols are among the most recognized in the world and even a very abstract version of any of these symbols is likely to be recognized for what it is by most everyone who sees it, one of the advantages of choosing this art.


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